Driven by passion and our unending quest to ensure great styling and immaculate quality.

Garcon comes to you with 40 years experience in the intricate art of t shirt making.

We are part of the Kaytee Group of companies whose origins date back to 1944 with the trading of cotton and yarns.

Kaytee Corporation is considered to be one of the pioneers of garment manufacturing and exporting.

The company is vertically integrated with everything from fabric development, designing, printing, stitching all done in house.
This gives us the expertise to ensure great styling and immaculate quality.


Fabric is one of the most key components when it comes to clothes. We ensure that all fabrics are bio washed in order to give it a soft feel and good fall..
We also ensure none of our fabrics shrink and have the exact same feel whether you are wearing it for the first time or the 20th.


Another very important aspect of the clothing experience is ensuring that it fits perfectly.
We are happy to say we have found a sweet spot between a slim and comfort fit on our garments..
Since our fabrics do not shrink the fits can be enjoyed over a long period of time.


We pride ourselves on offering the trendiest styles to our customers.
Our design teams spends long hours every season ensuring we offer not just trendy and the hot new styles but also elegant timeless looks, that stay relevant in your wardrobe for years to come.

Prints & Embroidery

Since both these processes happen in house we have 100% control of them.
We ensure that customers will never have print fading or colour bleeding even after several washes.